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Leaders of Nonprofits and Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses Need Help with Marketing

You run a nonprofit or own a business and must make sure that you make money. If this describes you, then you probably fit into one of these four groups:

Nonprofit Leader- You are dedicated to building and managing your organization. Fundraising and recruiting volunteers is fundamental to your success and excellent communications is crucial. Read more about yourself. Learn More

Reluctant Entrepreneur- Even though you never expected to run a business of your own, you are committed to being successful. Exceptional but economical marketing communications is essential for you to make that happen. Read more about yourself. Learn More

Enthusiast- You are the best emissary of the value of your product or service. One-to-one you are unstoppable, but you need help to spread the word. Read more about yourself. Learn More

Venturer- You are the classic entrepreneur with big dreams. Let’s put all the pieces together to help you be and reach a star. Read more about yourself. Learn More