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Reflection Improves Critical Judgment

Recently I heard a discussion about the Cannes Film Festival on NPR. In his overview, critic John Powers mentioned that he had revised some of his original judgments later on. He was interviewed by Terry Gross. GROSS: Would you have voted for it (winner “Winter Sleep”) for the top prize? POWERS: Funny thing is – [...]

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It’s My Mistake

Last week I forgot to do something that was very important to me. I can’t explain my memory lapse except that I had many distractions, but the situation reminded me of a book that I read recently. It is called “The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success” by Megan [...]

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Quitting Time

In our culture, as Vince Lombardi said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” The idea is that the only way to flourish in any endeavor is to find a direction and then pursue it until you are successful.  The problem is that many people doggedly work toward a goal but never advance their cause. [...]

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Project Management: Build Creative Teams in Business

I read a lot of job descriptions. They all stress that they seek people who will be creative. I contend that creative groups are less about the inherent creativity of the members than it is about the business culture of the organization. The qualities of the team members ARE important, or course, but their expertise [...]

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Communication is About People: Employee Selection

Finding the right people for an organization is tricky because selections involve processes that are created by people. People have personalities, histories, and idiosyncrasies that can be unacknowledged but influential. The process of selecting new people to become part of the organization gets extremely complicated when those powerful intangibles go unrecognized. Identifying the key requirements [...]

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