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Telecommuting: To Be, Or Not To Be (at Home)

Last week, CEO Marissa Mayer shook up the business world by announcing that Yahoo would stop allowing employees to work at home after June. In recent years, more workers have begun to telecommute and outsourcing to off-site contractors has become commonplace, so this decision was startling, especially from an internet company.  There has been a [...]

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

I was surprised this last weekend to hear a retraction on public radio’s “This American Life” concerning an earlier story they had done called “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory”. CNN had a good analysis of the controversy on March 22. As CNN notes, this is just another example of the contemporary blurring between facts [...]

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Lessons from “The Artist”: Technological Displacement

If you haven’t seen “The Artist” yet, you might want to do that soon (although it will probably stay in theaters since it is a leading contender for an Oscar in many categories). I found it to be uncommonly entertaining, smart, and emotionally engaging. I cannot begin to understand how all those different descriptors can [...]

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Marketing Art

The Art of Marketing I have two passions (in truth, I have a few more than that, but let’s start there)—Marketing and Art. The avant-garde artist Demien Hirst is a master of both. You may not know that I have been a painter for 30 years and was a college art professor for ten. I [...]

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