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Getting Back Into It after a Disruption

It isn’t easy to get back to your preferred lifestyle after an extended break. I know; I have been away from my regular life since December 2013. During the holidays, I always go out to California to visit my mother. While I am there I try to help her manage things. She is 85 and [...]

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The Passion Trap: It’s Not Enough to Find Your Passion

I recently heard newscaster Jane Pauley interviewed. She remarked that she had always been a bit embarrassed that she could never answer the standard question, “What’s your passion?” She said that she had always made career changes when she began to feel “finished” with the last role but the subsequent directions were more about opportunities [...]

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Quitting Time

In our culture, as Vince Lombardi said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” The idea is that the only way to flourish in any endeavor is to find a direction and then pursue it until you are successful.  The problem is that many people doggedly work toward a goal but never advance their cause. [...]

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Marketing to Get What You Want

It is vital to all of us to get our needs met.  If you are searching for a job or running a business, you need to find people who will want what you have to offer and persuade them to buy. The crucial issues are to Be able to specifically identify the top five goals [...]

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Bullying is Bad for Business

The story about the bullying of Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins by teammate Ricky Incognito is all over the news. When Martin walked out on the team, there were many varied reactions but then recordings demonstrated that the harassment included racial slurs and threats of violence. That led analysts to note that Incognito’s excessive [...]

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