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It’s My Mistake

Last week I forgot to do something that was very important to me. I can’t explain my memory lapse except that I had many distractions, but the situation reminded me of a book that I read recently. It is called “The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success” by Megan [...]

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Handling a Public Relations Crisis

Case Studies of Crisis Management Steps Paula Deen’s financial empire continues to unravel after complaints that she had used the “N” word and told offensive racist jokes. Her appearance on the Today Show only muddied the waters. It demonstrates her lack of understanding about the repercussions of her responses to the questions.  A skilled public [...]

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A Public Relations Crisis Management Allegory: The Tornado

My heart goes out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma. As emergency personnel and government officials described the disaster relief efforts after the terrible tornado this week, I was reminded that many of the same steps are necessary for public relations crisis management. In both cases, the crisis is often difficult to avert but effective [...]

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Facebook: Bad for Business?

A few years ago business Facebook pages were all the rage. The word was that companies that didn’t jump on it were going to be left in the dust. Facebook for business was assumed to be the perfect leveler because it had no cost and allowed the little guy to promote himself and compete with [...]

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Telecommuting: To Be, Or Not To Be (at Home)

Last week, CEO Marissa Mayer shook up the business world by announcing that Yahoo would stop allowing employees to work at home after June. In recent years, more workers have begun to telecommute and outsourcing to off-site contractors has become commonplace, so this decision was startling, especially from an internet company.  There has been a [...]

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