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Assessing the Benefits of Your Marketing Programs

No matter how perfect the opportunity, before you add another marketing tool, be sure to do an assessment of your reliable resources. Only if you can measure your current effectiveness (and can reasonably expect to maintain the parts that are already working) should you take on something new.

Here is a list of things to consider before adding a new marketing channel:

  1. What is the objective of your project? What is it expected to contribute that your other marketing vehicles lack?
    For example, blogs help you build visibility and credibility but will undermine it if posts are not interesting and are not consistently posted. Along with other ongoing programs, blogs need to be regularly scheduled and reliable.
  2. Once it is established, who will maintain it?
    Set-up takes time and expertise, but once your new marketing program has been launched, someone must oversee it. Is there someone in the organization that can be counted upon to do that? If not, get someone or don’t start it.
  3. How will you determine whether the time and money you spend is worth it?
    Before you set up your new program you need to see if there is a need and how you will evaluate its success. Assess what you are currently doing in terms of its return on your investment and determine how you will measure the success of your additional channels.

Marketing activities rarely convert directly into sales, but they should be expected to increase web traffic, build prospect lists, and enhance credibility. Over time there should be a significant increase in conversions and these should be measured.

Stand-Out Communication will help you to determine how you will project the outcome of your project before you implement it. This will assist in maximizing the return on your investment. Contact Us and submit a Request for Proposal.