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Stand-Out Communication FAQs

“How can I be assured that working with Stand-Out Communication is a good investment?

Yours is not a mega-organization and every dollar is precious. You can’t afford to waste money.

We feel the same way. We have spent years learning the content marketing skills you need to know so that you will get the best return on your investment.

Kay, the founder of Stand-Out Communication, has spent a lifetime building skills as a communicator. Recognized as a presenter, content writer, and visual designer, she is unusually able to help smaller organizations rise above the crowd to get the word out.

“How much does Stand-Out Communication charge?

This is the most common question. It will inevitably be one of the first things you ask.

But since our services are all customized, the prices are not one-size-fits-all.

We do this as much for love as for money but we still need to eat and pay our bills. We have done extensive research about comparable services in the marketplace and have priced our content marketing services competitively. In fact, they are under the market rate as we build our visibility.

Research shows that services like ours customarily charge up to $125 per hour. The base pricing for our services is on the low end of the pay scale. We estimate the time a project will take and then our contract specifies the services you will receive and the price. You are expected to pay half at the beginning and the rest when the project is delivered. We are committed to completing the project on budget and on time. We guarantee that our work will be economical, responsive, and meet your request.

For more information, please also read the next question and check out Our Services.

“What is the Turn-Around Time?

We are committed to fulfilling your contract as quickly as possible. How much time it will take will depend upon how much work is required. Once we understand the scope of the project we will give you a reliable estimate of the time it will take.

“How did you get into doing this?

With more than 15 years of experience developing effective, focused presentations and written content, Kay has become creative, analytical, and skilled. She has acquired far-ranging visual design, content creation and project management abilities and is passionate about helping organizations maximize the impact of their marketing communications. Her insight and collaborative spirit furthers the objectives of any marketing project she supports. Kay has the necessary skills to build client relationships, respond to customer needs effectively, and provide contracted services on time and on budget.

With graduate degrees and extensive experience in Marketing, Visual Arts and Counseling Psychology, Kay Byfield is uniquely qualified to provide economical, powerful content communications services across channels to all kinds of businesses. During the last five years she has worked with many different companies, non-profits and individuals to provide integrated marketing that supports the distinctive strategic plans of each.

“Why should I spend money on communications when there are so many other necessary expenses?

Before you communicate there must be something to say, but after you have a good skill or product, you must get the word out in the right way to the right people. That’s what we do for you.

We help you determine who your audience is and what content would be persuasive to them. Having a neutral specialist edit your communications will augment their value to you. We know how to produce what you need and to say it in a way that will accomplish your goals. Whether you are developing a convincing resume, using social media to enhance your brand identity, making presentations using PowerPoint, crafting written collateral content for online and print media, creating imagery that supports your goals, we can help you develop effective content.

“What will the return on my investment be?

The best way to determine your ROI is to look at what you are doing now and what the present outcomes are. Then we will look at your competition and see what they are doing. Once we compare their effectiveness with yours, we  can forecast the likely outcomes.

“I am a programmer (or videographer, or graphic designer, or CPA, or attorney, etc.) and I would like to trade services with you. Would you do that?”

We are always on the lookout for creative partners. Even if we cannot swap right now, we always like to meet other skilled people. Let’s talk.

“We have implemented some services like yours but didn’t get the job (see a jump in sales, etc.) We are not sure that outside marketers have any value for us.”

Most situations are the result of an aggregate of factors, not just one. In every communication there are two sides, not just yours so you may do everything right but the person who receives it doesn’t respond as you would hope. Even master salespeople expect resistance and rejection. You must too. You improve the likelihood of completing the sale when you do things in the best way. There are no guarantees, however.

“We need something Good, Fast, and Cheap.

We all do. We understand. Unfortunately, you can only get two of those three.

“What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and personal checks.